5 Best Hunting Cameras for Sale (Continuously Updated)

hunting cameras for sale under budget

Now that more and more hunting cameras are available on the market, it is hard for you guys to pick the best. And honestly, what is the “best” is defined differently hunters by hunters, based on their purposes and their wallets. I also find myself confused about bunches of hunting cameras for sale since the features are quite similar.

So besides considering the specifications, I pay more attention to the top-rated by customers. In this post, I want to introduce you 5 best ranked at different price ranges.

5 Best Hunting Cameras for Sale

Victure Trail Game Camera 12 MP – Best Under $50

Victure Trail Game Camera 12 MP - Top-rated Under $50
Victure Trail Game Camera 12 MP – Top-rated Under $50

If you wonder whether trail cameras under $50 any good, then my answer is “Yes, many!” among which Victure Trail Game Camera is the top-rated.

Once I got the camera out of the box, I knew why the camera had its own fan club.

Features are unexpectedly good at such an affordable price:

  • Resolution: 12 MP photos & 1080P videos
  • Trigger speed: 0.5-0.7s for 3 continuous shots
  • Detection range: 65ft
  • IR flash: Low-glow 26pcs infrared LEDs and motion-active sensors
  • 2.4″ LCD with a user-friendly navigation menu
  • Password protection and IP66 waterproof case


Firstly, the quality of images or videos captured is far beyond the average quality of those taken by the cheap trail cameras under $50. It is thanks to the high resolution of 12 MP photos and 1080P videos, as well as the sensitive sensors and LEDs. Especially, the triggering time is as short as 0.5s so you can keep a tight eye on your hunting spots and objects nearby.

Secondly, the camera does not give off the “shutter sound” when taking pictures like other models – completely quite! More exciting, the low-glow IR flash ensures not to cause any spooking to the animals at night.

What I also like about the Victure Trail Game Camera HC200 is, there are both external and internal power source ports. You can either use sets of lithium batteries or plug the camera directly to a 6V outlet. It depends on where you mount your hunting camera and how often you want a battery change.

The manufacturer also equips the camera with many other thoughtful features, making it much worthier than its price: IP66 waterproof casing; multi-recording modes; low-battery alert, etc.


That this hunting camera has fast trigger speed and motion-active sensors are good so that you will not miss any valuable moment of the animals. However, get ready to handle bunches of images as the camera takes 3 continuous pictures per 0.5s. Not to mention, the battery is eaten quickly.

So, set up the modes wisely.

Unfortunately, the settings of the Victure HC200 is quite a task for beginners, who are not familiar to the trail cameras. If you come across any troubles, let me know in the comment box so I or others can help you out quickly.

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Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P – Best under $100

Best hunting cameras for sale
Best hunting cameras for sale at this time

It makes sense why the Campark T45 is the best-seller and the top-rated trail cameras, not only under $100 but at all price ranges.

A snapshot of features can make you “wow”:

  • Resolution: 14MP 1080P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.3s
  • Wide detection Range: 65ft
  • 42 pcs flash-free LEDs, along with 3 PIR sensors – Excellent night vision
  • Wide lens of 120° angle
  • Water-resistance and dustproof design


As you can expect from the 14MP 1080P resolution, the images and videos shot are crystal and vivid, no matter in daytime or nighttime. The lightning-fast trigger speed of 0.3s and wide lens mean the camera can detect almost every motion within its detection range and capture the subjects without delay.

The most outstanding feature of the Campark T45 compared to other mid-price hunting cameras for sale is the night vision mode. Thanks to 3 of Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) and 42 pcs no-glow LEDs, the black-and-white images and videos are clear as they are in the daytime.

Interesting enough, the PIR technology consumes very little power while recording.

As a plus, the settings and operations are easy and friendly with a pack of applications for you to explore. Also, the camera is durable in tough weather due to the waterproof casing.


So far so good.

I hardly find any noticeable disadvantages after months of use. The only problem is with the microSD card. It is tiny compared to my big thumbs, especially in cold weather.

Anyway, I think that I would get used to it soon since the microSD memory is more and more popular in modern hunting cameras.

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The Exodus Trek Trail Camera – Top-rated under $150

The Exodus Trek Trail Camera - Top-rated under $150
The Exodus Trek Trail Camera – Top-rated under $150

Impressively, all consumers vote 5 stars for this trail camera. In fact, I have not had my hands on this camera yet, but I plan to have one for my next deer hunting season.

The feature list is what I do not want to miss:

  • Resolution: 12MP 1080P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.7s
  • Wide detection Range: 55ft – even for night images
  • Invisible black flash
  • Aluminum Alloy Reinforced Shell
  • Lockable SD Card Door and Password Protected
  • 5-year warranty with 50% OFF for damage/theft replacement


At a glance, the specifications are not as impressive as those of Campark T45, aren’t they?

However, what I and the fans like about the Exodus hunting cameras is their reliable features and durability through the test of time.

This Exodus Trek is also born from simplicity. It does not include lots of bells and whistles. All features are enough for high-quality images/videos. Accordingly, the resolution is 12MP 1080P and the detection range, as well as the flash range, is 55’. With a set of 8 AA lithium batteries, the camera can take up to 20,000 photos. In other words, the power lifespan will not fool you. As the Campark T45, the Trek works excellent in night-vision condition thanks to the invisible flash-free LEDs.

Most importantly, it is easy to set up and change the settings. Even when you are beginners, you can handle the camera quickly since the user guide is helpful and comprehensive.


As I have shared, the camera simple and helpful enough. Do not expect out-of-the-box features.

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Browning Strike Force Pro XD – Best Hunting Cameras for Sale under $200

Browning Strike Force Pro XD - Top-rated under $200
Browning Strike Force Pro XD – Top-rated under $200

If you have a larger budget and you want fantastic features, take a look at the Browning Strike Force Pro XD to find out why it earns a big love.

Advanced features to employ:

  • Resolution: 24MP 1920P
  • Trigger speed: 1.5s
  • Motion detection distance: 80ft
  • Flash: Red-glow IR
  • Memory Cards and Focus Camera Card Readers included


In brief, you will not waste any penny on this Browning Strike Force Pro XD due to its high-quality photos/videos, the large detection range, the long battery life, and the ease of settings.

What else could you ask from hunting cameras for sale under $200?

To be specific, there are dual lenses to support the 24MP images. In the daytime, the photos are color-vivid, contrasted, and deep. At night, the camera features a lightly red flash which is powered by the new IR emitter to detect both motions and heat changes.

Running on 6 AA batteries, the Pro XD has an unexpectedly long life up to 11.2 months on standby. Even better, there is 12-volt external battery jack so that you can improve the lifespan of the battery with a direct outlet power.

The memory cards and card readers are available in the package so you can save more!


To tell the truth, I find no significant mistakes in this hunting camera. But to be strict, the manufacturer should enlarge the battery tray for 8 AA batteries. 6 ones are good. However, the more – the longer – the better!

And the red-flash is somewhat dim compared to other cameras at the price.

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CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras – Best above $200

hunting cameras for sale above $200
CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras

If the budget is not your priority to choose hunting cameras for sale, expect to pay between $200 and $700 for top-resolution, high-memory, cellular-equipped, and many more extra features.

Have no idea of the cellular trail cameras? – Read here later.

Get back to our topic today, I introduce you to the CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras:

  • Resolution: 12MP 1080P
  • Triggering time: 5 photos within 0.4s
  • Detection range: 65ft
  • 56 IR LEDs for night vision and dynamic 110 ° PIR angle lens
  • Advanced feature: Send photos to your phone or email


First, I give my words for the quality of images and videos in daytime and night vision thanks to high resolution, quick trigger speed, and PIR sensors.

But what makes this camera charm is the cellular feature. Back then, we have to go into the hunting field frequently to check the photos and recordings. It is not only time-consuming but also possibly spreads the human scent, which scares the animal aways.

The CreativeXP 3G cellular trail camera makes your hunting process less hassle. There is an AT&T sim card included in the camera so you can plan for a data service.

For what?

You can connect the camera to your phone so that every photo taken will be sent directly to your MMS or email.


As many other cellulars, the battery life and SD card capacity are quickly eaten up to capture the picture and run the phone connectivity.

And, if you need several cameras in different places, the price might make you think twice.

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Wrapping Up

The 5 best hunting cameras for sale call it a day for my sharing. Take every choice into serious account to choose the most suitable for your needs and wallets. If you want any further help, please leave it down there in the comment.

I will come back to answer you ASAP!

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