Top 10 Cheap Trail Cameras under $100 in 2020 (Don’t Buy a Trail camera Until You Read This)

Best budget trail camera under 100 dollars

You do not need to break a bank for trail cameras, especially when you must always have several ones at a time – for different places and purposes. That’s why you search for “cheap trail cameras”; “cheap trail camera review”; or “best budget trail camera 2020” and end up with this post.

No need to go elsewhere since here I introduce you to cheap quality trail cameras under $100 to make the most out of your budget and the trail cameras’ features.

Cheap Trail Cameras

Why Go for a Cheap Trail Camera under $100?

Is a cheap trail camera good enough for hunting or home security purposes?

It is a common misconception that “cheap” cameras are “low-quality.” This is not really the case as long as you pick up the right features and sorts of warranty.

The cheapest trail camera on the market can go as affordable as under $50. However, if you are ready to invest a little more – around $100, you can explore other exciting features to make the wildlife capturing way fun.

Pay more – Get more, obviously.

  • Cheap trail cameras under $100 are not very basic, so you can get fantastic modes and higher-quality videos/pictures
  • The settings are a lot more to look into but thank gods, they are still user-friendly
  • The higher megapixels are also favourable for more explicit images or videos without investing in costly enhancements. The best cheap trail cameras on the list are 8MP and above
  • Advanced features like thermal PIR sensors, night-time operation; wireless connection, time-lapse might be included. Along with fast trigger speed, these cheap trail cameras can shoot animals from a great distance without any blur in the photos
  • Most top-rated game cameras under 100 dollars use alkaline internal batteries, meaning longer battery lifespan and capacity
  • Not to mention, there are water/dustproof cover and even the shock/heat resistant systems so that the cameras can operate in harsh conditions like rain, wind, or snow.

Trail Camera Specs that Actually Matter

While you are looking for affordable cheap trail cameras, you might – at the same time, why many cameras are expensive that much, mightn’t you?

The fact is, the manufacturer often adds many bells-and-whistles features to increase the overall price. To get the best cameras for the money, you had better pay attention to foundational features only.

  • Megapixels (MP): A rule of thumb is the higher the MP is, the better and more vivid the images become. However, the MP specification is not everything.
  • Detection range: As the name suggests, this feature determines how far the camera can catch up on movement.
  • Trigger speed: Based on your targets, you can choose a suitable speed. Very high triggering time might cost more.
  • Flash range – Plus with the detection range, the range of flash also supports a clearer picture.
  • Types of glow: No glow is useful not to spook the animals away. However, the pictures taken are all black and white. Red glow, as known as low glow, mean light red flash while the camera is on pic. Animals might detect the suspicious light but they usually do not bother too much. In addition, images and videos are brighter.
  • LCD viewing screen: Usually, this feature is only available in high-end trail cameras so that you can check results right in the built-in screens rather than bring the SD card home. However, to adopt a similar feature on the cheap camera, you can invest in a cheap alternative SD card viewer.
  • USB and TV connections: These features are increasingly demanded by many consumers to connect the cameras with a computer or TV for better viewing. Thus, you can expect the connections are new-common on the cheap cameras soon.

Buying Guide for Trail Cameras under $100

Now that you get an overview of trail cameras’ specifications, I will reveal some specific buying tips when it comes to cheap trail cameras

  • Image resolution: 12MP is the minimum level you will need to ensure the quality. This specification is similar to the phone camera so you can expect a good baseline of images and videos captured.
  • Night vision: Most wild games are active by night. Hence, night vision is an essential feature. Take the types of glow as above into account. I recommend infrared glow/no-glow flash to not scare the prey off.
  • Ruggedness: Again, a cheap trail camera does not mean a “low-quality” device which goes bankrupt after a while. Instead, take another investigation for ruggedness construction with a sturdy build and moisture-resistant seal so that the camera can spend an enormous time outside.
  • Battery life: The battery is another save on money. Choose the features wisely in order not to eat out the power source shortly. With under $100, you can go for cameras which can last for six months to one year on standby mode.
  • Storage capacity: The high capacity SD card is better so that you do not have to interfere with the camera too much often to exchange the card.
  • Strap size: Many people ignore the strap but this feature is very important. You should pick up the adjustable mounting straps. They help hang out the camera freely for the best performance.
  • Wifi and data connection: You might hardly find wireless connection ability when it comes to trail cameras under $100. Anyway, if there is an option, then the wifi/cellular connection is a big plus.

Cheap Trail Cameras under $100 (Ranked and Review)

1. Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P – Best Choice by Amazon

Campark Cheap Trail Game Camera T45 under $100
Campark Cheap Trail Camera under $100

You better get your hands on Campark 14MP 1080P before it runs out since this cheap trail camera is now selling like ice-cold lemonades on a hot day. Coming at the mid-range price, Campark T45 provides surprisingly high-quality features.

  • Resolution: 14MP 1080P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.3s
  • Detection Range: 65ft
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries
  • Memory: 32GB MicroSD card
  • Outstanding Features: Night Vision (3 PIR sensors, 42 pcs flash-free LEDs)

The camera can detect and capture any movement within 65 ft. Without delay thanks to the fast trigger speed of 0.3s, 3 PIR motion sensors, 42 pcs LEDs and 120-degree lens. The results are as clear as crystal since the resolution is 14MP with images and full-HD 1080P with videos. Especially, the night vision is what you will never want to miss.

The camouflaged waterproof design is another plus. You can mount the camera safe and sound on the tree without the fear of disturbing the natural life. Also, the protective cover prevents Campark T45 from unfavorable conditions such as dust or rainwater so you can expect the camera to active longer.

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2. Victure Trail Game Camera 16MP 1080P – Best Picked by TrailCameraJudge

best trail game camera under $100
Victure Trail Game Camera 16MP 1080P

Any advertised good cheap trail camera is no good at all if there is a lack of a weatherproof case, especially when you place the camera at a windy or frequently stormy forest. That time, take a look at the Victure Trail Camera IP66 Upgrade Waterproof Design. The built-in case is ultra-secure against weather, water, dust, and even falling from the delicate inner electronics.

  • Resolution: 16MP 1080P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.5s
  • Detection Range: 65ft
  • Battery: 4 to 8 AA batteries
  • Memory: 32GB SD/SDHC card
  • Additional Features: Multi-shot modes, time lapse, IP66 waterproof, password, etc.

This cheap trail camera has one of the fastest reaction times nowadays – only 0.5s to capture vivid images at up to 16MP. The video mode is included to take both footage and sound so that you can enjoy the natural life, both in the day and at night, right through the lens.

Even better, the individual sensors are in place to detect precisely when to switch between the modes, so you do not have to mess with any settings. In case, you are pro with trail cameras, you can try adjusting the sensitivity of the infrared sensor according to specific animals or events so that you can save the capacity of both battery and memory card.

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3. Crenova 16MP 1080P HD Trail Camera

Crenova 16MP 1080P HD Trail Camera
Crenova 16MP 1080P HD Trail Camera

The Crenova HC 1000 is the next cheap quality trail camera I want to show you guys.

  • Resolution: 16MP 1080P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.2s
  • Detection Range: 65ft
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries
  • Memory: 32GB microSD card
  • Additional Features: Night vision using 3 innovative sensors and 42 pcs LEDs

Truly a good deal under $100 that you should have in your bag.

From my experience, both daytime and nighttime shots are clear and vivid thanks to the very high resolution and active sensors. The trigger speed is so impressive that I can say that the camera takes almost every target walking under its detection range.

Crenova 16MP 1080P is also firm and seal in design to ensure its performance even in inclement weather, say wind, snow, or freezing temperatures.

I just wish the manual is more detailed so it would be easier for those who have little hands-on experience with trail camera before.

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4. APEMAN Trail Camera 16MP 1080P

APEMAN Trail Camera 16MP 1080P
APEMAN Trail Camera 16MP 1080P

It is hard to beat a cheap infrared trail camera under $100 which reaches a maximum distance of 65 ft., as well as supports 16MP images and record 1080P videos during the day and the night.  

Interesting feature list:

  • Resolution: 16MP 1080P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.5s
  • Detection Range: 65ft
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries
  • Memory: 32GB Class 10 SDHC card
  • Additional Features: LCD screen, password, date/temperature stamp, time lapse, etc.

The specifications are similar to above so no need to get in every detail, isn’t it?

Here I want to mention Apeman cameras’ well-known constructions that make you convenient on the field.

This camera supports different mounting options: permanent mounting using the hardware or quick tree mounting with straps.

Apeman model also comes with different mounting options. It includes hardware for permanently mounting it and straps for quick tree and pole mounting. Besides, the IP66 dust and waterproof enhances the camera’s durability efficiently from the harsh natural elements.

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5. STARLIKE Trail Camera 1080P

STARLIKE Trail Camera 1080P
STARLIKE Trail Camera 1080P

The next cheap trail camera for 2020 is provided by Starlike. Features are nearly as rich as the Campark T45.

  • Resolution: 12MP 1080P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.3s
  • Detection Range: 65ft
  • Battery: 4 to 8 AA batteries
  • Memory: 32GB MicroSD card
  • Outstanding Features: Night Vision (3 PIR sensors, 36 pcs flash-free LEDs)

At such a good point of price under $100, you can choose the Starlike camera to shoot vibrant colour images by day and vivid black and white images by night.

Interesting enough, this cheap trail camera can cover a wide range of 65ft with a 120-degree view. So, hardly miss a thing! The 1080P videos also have sharp vision and super-clear sound.

Besides, the installation and operation are user-friendly so even when you are beginners to trail camera, you can explore and make it works for your demand quickly. In standby mode, Starlike products can live up to 6 months and even longer with the support of the solar panel.

IP65 waterproof and sturdy tripod mount systems are robust enough to cope with foreign traffic and severe temperature.

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6. TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P

TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P
TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P

As I have used this cheap trail camera for months, I find all functions work well and even beyond my expectations.

  • Resolution: 14MP 1080P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.35s
  • Detection Range: 75ft
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries
  • Memory: 32GB MicroSD card
  • Additional Features: Night Vision (3 PIR sensors, 42 pcs low-glow LEDs)

Built-in with 3 PIR sensors system, 42 pcs low-glow infrared LEDs, and 120-degree wide lens, this camera can detect movement up to 75 ft and capture it within 0.35s swiftly. 14MP photos are clear with colour in daytime and black-and-white in the nighttime.  

You can expect stunning videos with nice sound as well. The quality is good enough to be played on Youtube or TV. Also, the camera itself is very compact and camouflage to be concealed safely from unsuspecting animals and even humans.

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7. 1080P FHD Waterproof Scouting Cam

1080P FHD Waterproof Scouting Cam
1080P FHD Waterproof Scouting Cam

Although FHD camera has a narrower flash range compared to that of the Campark and the STARLIKE, the trigger speed is even faster – only 0.2s. Such a small difference turns out really helpful to document nature in actual time. Other features are also worth considering:

  • Resolution: 12MP 1080P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.2s
  • Detection Range: 45ft
  • Battery: 4 to 8 AA batteries
  • Memory: 32GB MicroSD card
  • Additional Features: Timer, real-time replay, hybrid mode, password protection, etc.

Most users praise this cheap trail camera for its high-quality photos, clear record sound, and lots of built-in options. The menu navigation is easy to understand and helpful. You can alter the trigger time-lapse and the video duration in several steps.

Others also love the IP65 waterproof certification, which ensures the long-lasting life of the trail camera from the harm of rain, dust, or sand.

Overall, FHD camera is an affordable choice with many exciting features waiting for you to unbox and experience yourself.

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8. Tec BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

Tec BEAN 12MP 1080P HD
Tec BEAN 12MP 1080P HD

The TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera takes up to nine pictures in one triggering instance; its 12MP camera that has a 75 feet flash range and it also takes high definition videos of up to 1080P resolution. The hard case gives ample protection and the unit itself is password protected for better security. The unit runs on 8 AA batteries that last up to 16,000 shots.

Most users like that it comes with an easy to read operating manual, and add that set-up is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Several hunters say that the pictures are of high quality with night mode images coming out crisp and clear. Some users comment that the range is closer than advertised and suggest testing it first in the while to achieve optimal range.

Here is a quick snapshot of its features:

  • Resolution: 12 MP
  • Video: Yes, 1080P
  • Trigger Speed: less than one second
  • Flash Range: 75 feet
  • Power Option: 8 AA batteries, compatible with a 12V external power source
  • User Interface: LCD Display
  • Special features: patented motion freeze technology for less blur

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9. Moultrie A-25 Mini Game Camera

Moultrie A-25 Mini Game Camera
Moultrie A-25 Mini Game Camera

After redesigning and slimming down its trail camera, Moultrie has introduced several easier-to-conceal models. One of them is the Moultrie A-25 Mini Game Camera.

Here is a quick snapshot of its features:

  • Resolution: 12MP 720P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.9s
  • Detection Range: 60ft
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries
  • Memory: 32GB SD/SDHC class 4
  • Additional Features: date/time stamp and moon phase display

Loaded with flexible features to set the trail camera the way you want, Moultrie A-25 is surprisingly light on your pocket. I often recommend this camera for beginners who want something feature-rich to explore but not very complicated to navigate.

Using 8AA batteries, A-25 model can shoot up to 17,000 images during day and night based on your smart settings in advance. With low-glow infrared flash, you will be hardly fear of scaring the animals away.

The fact that this camera is compatible with Moultrie’s mobile app makes the A-25 is worthier to purchase since you can get instant access to the captured pictures right on your phone.

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10. WiMiUS Hunting Trail Camera Game

Cheap trail camera WiMiUS HuntingAt an extremely affordable price range, the WiMiUS hunting trail camera is equipped with a nice set of features.

The camera can capture 20MP crystal photos and full HD 1080P footages. At night, the low-glow IR LEDs are decent enough not to spook any animals away.

What I am impressed the most by this camera is its lightning-fast trigger speed – only 0.2 second. Even better, the WiMiUS hunting trail camera has an energy-efficient operation and temperature-control system so that the battery can last for even 12 months.

With multiple modes from Timer to Time Stamp, the camera is also versatile for monitoring animals, housing security, or warehouse surveillance.

Some users comment that the night mode produces fuzzy pictures but points out that a little adjustment in the settings can do the trick.

Here is a quick snapshot of its features:

  • Resolution: 20MP
  • Video: HD 1080 P
  • Trigger Speed: 0.2 second
  • Flash Range: 70 feet
  • Power Option: 4 AA batteries
  • Special features: Operation Temperature

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Recommended Uses of Affordable Game Cameras

  • Shed hunting: The most common use of the trail camera is to catch the sight of buck and other animals dropping over so that you can have plans for your very next hunting seasons.
  • Security: The game camera works perfectly as the home-security camera to have an eye on your back door almost all the time. Just hang the camera over the land border and you can get alerts for trespassing and any unwanted activities.
  • Videos: A good cheap trail camera can not only take pictures but record HD videos so that you can have a live view of your property or wild game movements.
  • Pattern movements: Now you will not have to worry about missing any track of animals as the cameras are in place to capture all pattern movements of the aminals and the like.

Anti-Theft Considerations

Not only that you have to hide the camera from animals, but you must also keep it safe from prime thieves. What to do is to make the camera harder to spot on and even secured to the hanging places.

Take notes tips to settle on the trail cameras, even cheap trail cameras:

  • Place them up high
  • Use security case/box
  • Camouflage it with the surrounding environment
  • Make use of hiding spots
  • Apply for extra protection
  • Capture and report the thieves


All in all, I have done with the budget trail cam review under $100. As with most purchases, look into the features and weight how much advantage you would gain for each function and check with the price if it’s really worth it.

Next time I will give some thoughts on cheap trail cameras for sale as I get many questions about “cheap trail camera for sale,” “cheap game cameras for sale,” “cheap used trail cameras for sale.”

Stay tuned if you are also interested.

Using cheap trail cameras can have its benefits, but admittedly, more affordable versions are of general drawbacks relative to pricier ones. If you’re looking to spend a little bit more and get your money’s worth, why not try wireless game cameras?

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