Spartan HD GoCam: 5 Reasons to Choose/ Not Choose It

Spartan HD GoCam Review

Some Thoughts of Spartan HD GoCam

Come to think of expensive wireless trail cameras I know, Spartan HD GoCam is surprisingly good for the price. The camera provides almost all that users need to have a cellular camera worked out of the box. In drawback, the batteries are just on average and you might have some difficulty in setting up the camera.

Good Images and videos quality!
  • Picture Quality
  • Trigger Speed & Detection
  • Battery Life
  • Quality of Design

Since I published the blog on 5 Wireless Game Cameras with Cellular several months earlier, I have received many questions on cameras on the list, especially the Spartan HD GoCam, as known as the Spartan 4G AT&T #GC-A4Gb version.

For that reason, I decided to write a complete review on the Spartan trail camera to provide you guys with more information. I can say that for sure that wireless cameras like the Spartan HD GoCam will soon take place traditional cameras – for good reasons.

Keep reading if you are interested. 

An Overview of Cellular Trail Game Cameras


For those who have a little understanding of wireless trail cameras, a cellular camera might be a new concept. Then, I will first update you on some overview of this new technology of hunting cameras before getting insight into the Spartan HD GoCam.

Simply put, the wireless trail cameras differ from the standard ones by two features. First off, they can send photos and videos directly to your phones using a monthly cellular data plan. As a result, the second difference is that the cameras often come with a wide range of accessories such as a 3G or 4G sim, cables, and even a mobile app.

What to Expect from Spartan HD GoCam?


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  • A package of Spartan HD GoCam itself, along with 6 UTowels and 1 drying towel
  • Quick image/video transmission to emails, SMS, app, and web portal
  • AT&T DataConnect Pass mobile data plan available
  • Resolutions of 8MP and 720P
  • Maximum detection range at 70 ft. away
  • Blackout IR flash
  • Fast trigger time of 0.6s
  • 12 AA batteries and 32GB SD card (not included)
  • Enhanced protective camouflage case
  • 2 years of warranty

5 Things We Like About Spartan HD GoCam

Good picture quality

At first, I was a bit worried about the picture quality, giving the fact that the resolutions are 8MP for photos and 720HD for videos. Such specifications used to be adequate, but know what? Now that cameras like Campark T45 or Victure HC200 come at super high-quality resolutions of 14MP and 16MP, respectively, Spartan HD GoCam seems a bit outdated.

Interestingly enough, photos and videos turn out to be clear and vivid, both in daytime and night vision although I do notice few blurs on moving objects at night. Even more, the IR LED is adjustable to high, normal, low, or no-glow and can illuminate up to a range of 70 ft.

Normally, I will choose the low-glow flash to maximize the illumination and the blackout flash when looking into sensitive prey.

Fast triggering speed

The capture and recovery time of this Spartan 4G AT&T #GC-A4Gb falls into 0.6s or less, which is not the fastest speed I have ever know. But, to a cellular camera, it is still very respectable.

As a result, the camera will keep a good track of fast-moving animals within a large detection zone of 70 ft with few chances that those animals are chopped off in the photos like other cellular cameras.

Wireless transmission


The biggest advantage of Spartan HD GoCam, in particular, and wireless cameras, in general, is data transmission to phones or electric devices via cellular signal. That way, you can not only save time to go into the wood and unmount your camera but also minimize the disruption to nature.

Specifically, the Spartan camera works well with various cellular carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, Nex-Tech Wireless, or Verizon. When the settings are all proper and the camera starts taking photos and videos, results will be sent directly to Spartan GoCam app on your phones or to the web portal.

Information like date, time, temperature, moon phase, or battery level is well presented on the image strip.

Spacious memory card

With a fast triggering speed, you can expect the Spartan camera to shoot many photos and videos at the highest setting. In that case, it is required that the SD storage is high enough to ensure that you will not miss any valuable moment.

The good news is, Spartan GoCam can accept a 32GB SD online

Apart from that, there is a setting to overwrite the oldest images on the card with the latest ones if the storage capacity is already full.

Really helpful!

Built to use outdoors


I like the discreet camouflage case of the Spartan HD GoCam because it will almost completely blend into the surroundings. Even more, there is a waterproof seal to protect the cameras from harsh weather patterns like rain or snow. Also, the big and beefy latch makes it easy to manipulate in cold weather.

The 2-inch LCD screen is another plus for users to check the images right on the screen like traditional cameras in case of low or no cellular signals.

3+ Things We Don’t Like About Spartan HD GoCam

Besides the advantages, there are still several things to complain about.

Average batteries

Wireless cameras will eat up the batteries quickly, mostly because of the data transmission.

That Spartan HD GoCam supports a rear case of 12 AA batteries is still not enough. You must replace the batteries every one or two months. This makes the wireless camera concept a little less convenient.

Expensive investment

The cellular cameras themselves are already pricey. In addition, you need to pay an extra fee for a monthly cellular plan, and sometimes for additional batteries. As I just mentioned, Spartan HD GoCam consumes lots of power.

A bit complicated setup

The way to mount the camera on the tree branches is almost similar to the installation of standard trail cameras.

What is complex here is how to activate your data service. Normally, you can buy an AT&T service right on the Spartancamera website. Otherwise, you can buy a sim card and activate the service at

In addition, it might take some more time to get familiar with the Spartan app. However, everything will be easy then.

Comparisons with Other Cellular Cameras

4G Cellular Trail Camera Snyper


4G Cellular Trail Camera Snyper is cheaper than the Spartan HD GoCam and also comes in a ready-to-use package. In addition, there is an add-on feature known as the APP GPS locator to find your camera easily in the woods.

In drawbacks, the images are not that good. And, the camera can only send photos rather than videos directly to the phones.

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HCO SG580M IR Wireless Camera


HCO SG580M IR Wireless Camera is a compact and simple camera to send photos to your devices. The price of HCO is more affordable, however, the resolutions are limited to 5MP and 480P. As a result, images and videos are acceptable rather than excellent.

Besides, the memory card is only 8GB.

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Covert Wireless Trail Camera AT&T


If the budget is not your most concern, then, you can spend more on Covert Wireless Trail Camera AT&T.

This camera provides higher resolutions: 12MP for still images and 720P videos. Moreover, the advanced IR flash with 60 invisible LEDs can spread illumination to a huge range of detection – to be specific, 100 ft. And the compatible memory card is 64GB.

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Is the SIM card included?


Spartan HD GoCam goes along with a SIM card for you to sign up for AT&T data plans.

However, batteries and the SD card are not included.

Will the camera transit with a limited signal?

Absolutely, the limited cellular signals will affect the data transmission speed.

To ensure a stable signal, you had better buy an additional antenna.

How much is AT&T service to Spartan HD GoCam?

As far as I know, AT&T offers a $25.00 package every 3 months.

Can I turn the Spartan HD GoCam on and off remotely?

Unfortunately, not yet.

It makes sense that once the camera is switched off, it can no longer receive your order from the app.

Can I use my own AT&T sim rather than one in the package?

I believe, No.

The manufacturer provides a custom SIM card which is set up to work with a data plan at $25.00 for 3 months.

Last Verdict

Come to think of expensive wireless trail cameras I know, Spartan HD GoCam is surprisingly good for the price. The camera provides almost all that users need to have a cellular camera worked out of the box. In drawback, the batteries are just on average and you might have some difficulty in setting up the camera.

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