Used Trail Cameras – 5 Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn’t Buy Them

Are Used Trail Cameras a Scam?

Nowadays, trail cameras come in a wide range of choices and prices. You can have one or two high-quality models without breaking a bank. However, what if you need a dozen of cameras at a time to hang over here and there so that you will not miss anything valuable?

Then, you should consider your budget. Or you should go for used trail cameras.

Know why?

5 Reasons Why Used Trail Cameras Are Well Worth

Surprisingly cheaper prices

The very first reason why people choose used trail cameras is due to financial savings. Normally, the used versions cost half or one-third of the new ones. Some are even cheaper!

Are used trail cameras any good?
Chat with a trustworthy brand,

Used trail cameras from tests

For your information, most used cameras used to be test cameras. I can confirm it!

As a reviewer of game cameras, I can’t help myself but buy the latest and most popular versions for testing purposes. Generally, I will only keep ones that perform excellently. Others are resold to camera traders or put for a bid on eBay. Either way, those testing cameras are often 80 to 90% new.

Cosmetic defects but still proper functions

When it comes to used trail cameras on websites of reputable dealers, those might be cameras people returned for some reason.

Whatever, if they are back for sales, you can rest assured that the dealers already test to know they still work fine.

Most of the time, there are some scratches or marks on the body – what we call cosmetic defects. However, they do not affect the final outcome of the photos or videos. If you intend to use cameras for wild games, then the cameras will be scratched sooner or later.

Thus, you can trade off such defects for the prices.

Newest versions are not always worth

The fact there are more and more updated trail cameras introduced every day drives down the value of the old versions.

Nevertheless, it is the insiders’ reveal that trail camera features are slow to become obsolete. Thus, getting used trail cameras means you can get a list of functions that are nearly as good as the latest versions. Of course, the price is far more affordable.

Good warranties left

Although the sellers hardly offer warranty or return policies, many used trail cameras still have a valid warranty from the manufacturers. Thus, it is still safe to buy.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Used Trail Cameras

Be alert!

It is not easy to get a great deal out of thousands of used trail cameras available. Jump to buy a whichever, then you will be likely to end up with a lemon.

You can’t check the real functions

Private dealers often sell their used game cameras online. In other words, there are mostly online pictures or videos of products. Nothing guarantees about the real quality.

There are more hidden issues that you can’t discover at glances. Only when you pay and have the trail cameras at hand will defects reveal themselves.

Sensors are less sensitive over time

Motion sensors lie at the heart of trail cameras. If they fail to detect things within the detection range, the cameras will shoot nothing.

For your information, the sensors of used cameras are far less sensitive than those of news cameras. It is because of the outside environment impacts.

Even cosmetic defects do cameras harm

At first, wears and tears on the body might still not affect the overall performance. However, over time, such defects expose the internal components to the damage of weather and the environment.

Soon, the used cameras will become useless.

Overcharged rechargeable batteries

trail camera rechargeable batteries
Defective batteries are dangerous!

As you might already know, trail cameras now use one of three batteries types: Alkaline; Lithium; and Rechargeable batteries.

If the used trail camera uses rechargeable batteries, then you had better think twice. The most common issue with used rechargeable batteries is, the power is eaten up on the fly. Thus, every fancy feature becomes in vain!

Neither warranty nor money-back guarantee

Lucky enough, the used cameras have some period of warranty left. But it is when you purchase cameras from big brands. Otherwise, you are often granted no warranty or return guarantee.

If anything goes wrong, you have no backup. Even worse, you end up spending more than what you saved to exchange the batteries or buy new cameras.

Why Don’t Buy New & Cheap Cameras?

If the price is the main concern that makes you go for used cameras, then you should know that there is a bunch of trustworthy trail cameras under $100 or even less than $50.

Instead of trying your luck with defective used trail cameras, take the completely new ones!

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