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Best Moultrie Trail Cameras


Moultrie is one company that has devised the most affordable, but efficient and competent solution when it comes to the cameras for wildlife photography and research. Gathering the required intelligence with hidden cameras in an accurate way is something that Moultrie cameras are specifically made for. They have a wide range of features for hunters to choose from for their purpose of photography.

Trail cameras might have been used more and more now, but they have prevailed over a number of years now. With so many new technologies coming in, the players manufacturing these cameras have imbibed them in these to deal with the high level needs of the customers and producing innovative, efficient and productive trail cameras. This is one sector which is exemplary of how the products are adapted to the changing technology to stay ahead of the world.

Top rated Moultrie Trail Cameras– Benefits

Moultrie Low Glow M-880

This is an improved version of its predecessor low glow game trail cameras with various advanced features in it. Enhanced resolution to 8 MP, and night range to 100 feet are few of those upgraded features. It is also equipped with llumi-Night sensors for brighter night time vision and Motion Freeze technology to improve the quality of night time photos by reducing blur in them.

It also has motion sensor technology to detect any kind of movement in the night even though there is no light. 1-60 minute picture delay is present due to timers that give you flexibility to click at intervals you desire.

Storage facility of this camera is huge with internal memory storing up to 9500 photos and extendable memory SD card of up to 32 GB. It is a multi-shot camera with 1 to 3 pictures per trigger and gets the Moon phase, temperature, time, date and camera ID stamp imprinted on every picture.


Moultrie No Glow M-990i

This is the digital trail camera which offers a screen of size 2 inches to view the photos and videos recorded extremely clearly. All the high quality photos clicked, will consists of barometric pressure, moon phase, temperature, time, and date and camera ID stamp imprinted on them which is very important in such long duration photography.

Talking about its speed, it is capable of taking 4 pictures per trigger with less than one second of trigger speed due to an advanced technology of FastFire Continuous Shooting and holds almost up to 9500 pictures. So you do not have to worry about the storage capacity of the camera as along with a huge internal memory it holds up to 32 GB of SD card too.

It is a small sized cam that could be hidden neatly away from anyone’s sight and produces clear and bright images due to its 10 MP lens. The flash range is 70 foot and blurring is lesser even in night time due to Motion Freeze technology. Illumi-Night sensor provides brighter night time images.

Moultrie M-990i Game Spy Gen 2 Camera, 10.0 MP Mossy Oak Treestand

The Invisible 940NM IR LED flash technology enhances the flash quality and the photo quality and offers the flash range of 70 feet with 50 feet of detection range which is a decent range for such purpose.

The pictures of this camera are crystal clear with 10 MP of photo resolution and 16.9 inches of screen to view the clicked photos and videos. This screen helps you aim and program better for clear photos of the target. The iNVISIBLE IR LED nighttime flash is specifically for night time vision again offering the length of 70 feet.

With the trigger speed of less than a second and a 10 MP resolution you can get access to bright and clear images in a very less time in any kind of external conditions (day or night). This model is designed from scratch to give it a fresh look along with a protection case that protects its critical elements like the lens, digital screen and others.

Moultrie M-880 Game Spy Mossy Oak Camera, Gen 2 8.0 MP

It is an efficient and compact camera with 8MP resolution and long range infrared sensor for night time photography. The 100 feet of flash range and the 50 feet of detection range provide access to areas at long length and click multiple pictures in no time with the trigger speed of less than a second.

This camera has a wide digital screen and displays a menu on the screen to understand the navigation and operational techniques of the camera. This feature makes it very easy for anyone to use the camera as all the instructions are laid right in the front of the screen.

The camera is enclosed in a tough case that protects its crucial elements like the lens or the screen from external forces. If you are looking for enhanced photo quality, better battery life and easy to use camera, then is one of the best choices for you.

Moultrie Low Glow A5 Game Camera

If you are looking for an affordable trail camera with all the decent features in it, then this low glow game camera could work out for you. Equipped with day and night vision and clarity of 5MP resolution offers decent pictures to some shorter coverage areas.

These cameras are operated on 30 cell batteries and are capable of storing up to 30000 images with picture delays of 1, 5, 10 and 30 minutes only.

The night range of this camera is up to 50 feet. There might not be a lot of advanced and convenient features in this model, but for a startup for small scale research and wildlife photography, this model fits the best to all sorts of requirements.


Trail cameras by Moultrie are always appreciated by their customers for being affordable, but efficient and competitive in their features and performance. They have the capability to deal with all sorts of wildlife photography in all kinds of external situations offering high grade results. Trail camera reviews given by the customers have appreciated the Moultrie as one of the best game camera provider.

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