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With more than 65 years Bushnell has been the industry leader for high performance optics product in sports. Bushnell forge design and performance in their product with the advent of emerging technology.
There could be no other company than Bushnell with almost 60 years of experience in optics industry when it comes to looking out for best game cameras.

Top 5 Bushnell Game camera – Benefits

1. Bushnell Trophy Cam 6MP

Bushnell Trophy Cam 6MP
Bushnell Trophy Cam 6MP

The day and night vision is its strong point with an extremely faster trigger speed of 0.8 seconds. Its camera is of excellent quality detecting things very clearly with its 6 MP and full color resolution. This cam by Bushnell is a perfect cam with all the enhanced functionalities of clarity, resolution and vision required for a hunting trip or wildlife research. Also, it can operate perfectly in the wide temperature range of -5 degrees to 140 degrees F which makes it reliable in all kinds of weather conditions for an unbelievably long runtime of one complete year on just a single battery.

Its night vision is extremely accurate to an extent that it segregates the black and white pictures and flashes with low LED lights to bring out a clear picture.

Another classic feature of Field Scan 2x time-lapse technology helps you click rise and dawn unlike one time lapse cameras and allows you to trigger at the same time.

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2. Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP HD

Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP HD
Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP HD

High quality resolution of 8MP and simultaneous capture of pictures and videos makes it an extremely useful device for a wildlife hunting and research where everything is unpredictable. It is flexible to click 1-3 pictures per trigger with the date, time, moon phase, temperature and name displayed on it. Its runtime is one year with single battery and can be located at any point of time with its GPS Geotag. The videos recorded are programmable to record up to 60 seconds of audio with 1280x720p HD quality which is a decent length for getting clarity.

The features of this particular camera are flexible to deal with multiple requirements. For example its adjustable passive infrared sensors allow it to match the flash distance of up to 60 inches. This is also equipped with two time lapse technology to capture dusk and dawn with the Field Scan 2x.

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3. Bushnell Trail Camera X-8 6MP

Bushnell Trail Camera X-8 6MP
Bushnell Trail Camera X-8 6MP

This model of trail cams is the standardized one with decent features for a medium level application. This model comes with two kinds of resolution, i.e. 4 MP or 6 MP with an auto sensor for day and night vision both. It has an adjustable multi image mode that allows you to take up to 3 images per trigger and adjustable passive infrared sensors matches the length with the flash light during night vision. The cam is equipped a with a self-timer of intervals up to 60 minutes

It uses 8 AA batteries that converts to 9 months of run time and captures sharp images in a trigger speed of one second. 36 night vision LED’s and a range of 45 foot offers sharp and cautious night images. This cam is a perfect product for people with budget constraint who does not want to compromise on the quality of the pictures.

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4. Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP HD with Realtree AP Camo

Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP HD
Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP HD

There is no doubt about the quality of images captured due to its 8 MP full color resolution and 720 HD video qualities. The motion sensors are extremely powerful that enables to trigger with a movement and can extend up to 60 feet in distance. Even in the night vision it can click amazingly clear and bright pictures with 32 separate LED’s extendable up to 60 feet matching with the length of the flash light.

The operation settings of this device is so flexible that it does not require much of manual intervention like preset intervals to take videos and pictures, or if you require the camera to be operated in day or night could also be programmed. Other than this the Field Scan, 2x allows trigger at both dusk and dawn.

The image is automatically imprinted with the date, time, moon, temperature and consists of GPS Geotag that brings out the exact coordinates indicating the position of the camera.

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5. Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP Standard Edition

 Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP Standard Edition
Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP Standard Edition

This particular cam by Bushnell is an advanced device with 8MP resolution of full color in day time and clear black and white in the night. Its one whole year of runtime could not surpass any other feature if it comes to the most attractive feature of any trail cam and that too with the single battery.

The time lapse technology is in built that allows to record game changers in day and night and records or clicks everything with its trigger time of one second, allowing maximum coverage and long range observation which is very crucial to wildlife research.

This cam also has the adjustable passive infrared sensor extendable up to 45 feet and is extremely fit to operate in almost all kinds of weather conditions with the bearable range of -5 to 140 degree F. Along with all its features, this camera is designed to be compact and lightweight to be carried anywhere.

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Trail cameras are the lifeline of hunters and wildlife researchers because of one most crucial aspect which is absence of human intervention. These game camera come with so many advanced features that help track the wildlife for longer durations by being handled remotely. None of us require being physically present while recording the wildlife as it is technically not safe.

With evolving technology, handling all the functionalities remotely has enhanced the level of depth achieved while researching the wildlife. It is advisable to check the trail camera reviews, provided by the preexisting customers to understand the quality and usage for the same.

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