The Best Trail Camera Box and Lock for Ultimate Security

Trail Camera Box
Choose the best trail camera box for you.

If you are interested in tips on how to keep your trail camera from being stolen, then you have probably heard of trail camera boxes that do just the trick. Trail camera boxes keep your camera from being stolen or vandalized by petty thieves or passers-by, and they also keep it from being destroyed by a curious bear.

Moreover, we would also look into the best trail camera box lock for added security.

Not all trail camera boxes are the same. So, in this article, we will highlight a buying guide to help you in selecting the best trail camera box for you and your camera. But before we do that, here are some factors that you have to consider while scoping out the best product on the market:

How to Choose the Best Trail Camera Box

The main reasons why we want a trail camera box is to keep the trail camera from being stolen or destroyed. Thus, before buying one, you have to look into durability, compatibility with your trail camera, and security. We will discuss these factors further in the following section:


Trail Camera lock
The stronger, the better.

                The number one factor that you have to consider when buying the best trail camera box is durability. Why? Well, because a flimsy or poorly-made trail camera box won’t hold up as well as a high-quality one. However, do remember that price doesn’t always equate to quality, so we gathered up all the best products for you to choose from in the Best Trail Camera Boxes section.

If you are in a physical store, a good trail camera box should be made of solid and durable metal that is not too bulky nor too light. You would be able to feel out the durability of the material by touch. However, in the case of online shopping, you would probably find it difficult to pick out a strong trail camera box.

Fret not, for we have selected only the best trail camera box for you to choose from. Moreover, when talking about durability of a trail camera box, it should also be resistant to corrosion, which is common when using metal boxes. So, you should pick out a trail camera box that can resist against theft, corrosion, and destruction by either human or animals.


wildgame trail camera lock box
Choose one that’s perfect for your trail camera.

                Some manufacturers that also make trail cameras create trail camera boxes that are perfect for their products. This can limit your choices, but there are some trail camera boxes that can fit a lot of trail camera models.

Choosing a compatible trail camera box will prevent the trail camera from jangling around if in the case that you select one too small. On the other hand, a compatible trail camera box will also save you the time of returning it to the store when you find that your trail camera doesn’t fit.

A good practice is to take your trial camera with you to the store if you are going to a physical one so you can test it out. This will ensure that your camera will have a perfect fit in the trail camera box. On the other hand, when selecting your product online, you should always make sure that the manufacturer listed your trail camera model as one of the models compatible with the box as to avoid the effort of shipping it back.


trail camera lock cable
Check out the product’s security features.

Under security is lockability. Of course, the best trail camera box will have a good security function. It should be easily locked, and the screws of any panels should not come off easily. Some trail camera boxes come with a padlock and some don’t, so you should also weigh this when choosing the best deal online.

However, some trail camera boxes can be locked by itself without the need of a padlock. In this case, you should select a trail camera box with a lock that is resistant to corrosion, picking, or freezing up (if to be used in sub-zero weather).

If you want extra security for your trial camera, you should also invest in a good trial camera lock that will keep your trail camera mounted properly as well as provide extra security against theft.

 Best Trail Camera Boxes for Security and Protection

Now that we know what factors we have to look for in a potential product, we know consider some of the best trail camera boxes available today. Here is a handpicked selection and their corresponding review to help you find a trail camera box that best suits your needs:

bushnell trail camera lock box

1. Bushnell Bear Safety Security Case

Although this product is marketed primarily for its provided protection against bears, it also functions as a good security box for your trail camera to protect against thieves. One of the best things we can highlight about this product is its high-quality material that ticks off the ‘durability’ factor on our list. With a solid body, secure function, and included padlock, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about petty thieves or bears.

This Bushnell Bear Safety Security Case is highly recommended for trail camera users who have placed their cameras in areas where you get a lot of bear traffic. Of course, even if you are sure that you hid your trail camera well or camouflaged it entirely, there’s still a chance that a bear may come scratching up at that specific tree. For added safety, this product can be good for your trail camera.


  • Made of high-quality durable metal
  • Can be secured with lag screws
  • Comes with a padlock
  • Offers high level protection from animals


  • May be compatible with only selected models

 This product is compatible with but not limited to: 119736c, 119636c, 119739, Bushnell Trophy Cam

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2. Browning Trail Camera Security Box

 browning trail camera lock box Before, we have offered you a whole article on tips on how to camouflage your trail camera and keep them secure. Well, one of those tips was to camouflage your trail camera so that it would blend with your surroundings. The Browning trail camera box comes with a camouflage pattern so that you not only camouflage your trail camera, but you also provide it with extra security.

The important features of the Browning Trail Camera Box are its heavy-duty body made of gauge steel which is also powder-coated, locking channels for cables, and a padlock slot. So far, this product checks out when judged according to the factors you have to consider.


  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Powder-coated for durability
  • Can accommodate a 3/8″ padlock
  • Has 2 locking channels
  • Camouflage printed


  • May not align well with all cables
  • Has certain compatibilities

 This product is compatible with but not limited to: Browing Trail Cameras

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3. Security Box by CamLockBox

 browning trail camera lockIf you have a Browning Sub Micro Strike Force Game Trail Camera, this product is compatible for you. The CamLockBox company manufactured this reinforced security box so that you can keep your trail camera safe from prying or destroying by both human and non-human forces.

This trail camera box performs its function well because it is made out of powder-coated metal that can deter thieves and animals. Just like the other products, it passes our standards for durability and function.


  • Made of durable metal
  • Powder-coated for extended life
  • Compatible with Python cable and padlocks
  • Camera can be adjusted inside


  • Has limited compatibility


This product is compatible with but not limited to: Browning Sub Micro Strike Force Game Trail Camera

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4. Security Box for Bushnell Trophy Cam

bushnell trail camera cable lock We have another product by CamLockBox company that caters to users of the Bushnell Trophy cameras. This sleek-looking product performs up to expectations on durability, lockability, and also ease of function. This security box can help you protect your trail camera without defacing trees, which is a good thing if you are pro-environment preservation.

Just like the other products, the security box has a good body to prevent theft and destruction by animals. It also allows the use of a Python cable, as well as lockable by a padlock. Simple and straightforward, not to mention affordable as well.


  • Made of durable 100% steel
  • Compatible with Python cable and padlocks
  • Protects against theft and animals


  • Limited compatibility

This product is compatible with but not limited to: Bushnell Trophy Cameras

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5. Cuddeback Cuddesafe for C/E Series Camera

trail camera with lock box This product is a simple trail camera box if you want something that offers durability and function. What’s great about is that it is very easy to install, and you can add modifications it like additional screws so you can have a more stable-set up.


  • Simple design
  • Compatible with 5/16″ padlocks
  • Can be screwed/strapped to tree
  • Comes with screws
  • Durable and hinged metal


  • Limited compatibility

This product is compatible with but not limited to: Cuddleback C/E Series trail cameras

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Best Trail Camera Lock

A trail camera box can be reinforced for more security with a trail camera lock. Most trail camera boxes don’t come with trail camera locks, so you can add one of these into your shopping cart:

Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Locks

 trail camera cableMost trail camera boxes are compatible with Python cables. So, if you want to install your camera and make sure it’s safe but without defacing the tree, this product can help you do that. The Master Lock Python cable lock is made of cut-resistant braided steel. With this cable locking your camera in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that no one can cut through it.

Moreover, the Master Lock Python cable is adjustable, Weather Tough, and come in two. So, you can have to cable locks but with the same key. Isn’t that convenient?


  • Comes in two pieces
  • Both pieces have same lock
  • Cut resistant
  • 5/16″ of braided steel
  • Can be adjusted
  • Easy to install
  • Weather-resistant aluminum lock
  • Vinyl coated cable


  • Has weaker keys

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 Master Lock Python Adjustable Locking Cable

game camera lockHere is another great product by Master Lock. This Python cable lock is also adjustable with a sturdy cable which is cut-resistant. Its ABS bumper is scratch-resistant with a camo-print to make it easily blend with forest fauna. If you want a straightforward product that is worth its price, this Master Lock Python adjustable locking cable is the right one for you.

It’s also probably notable to mention that it’s pick-resistant due to its superb locking mechanism. Moreover, it has a Velcro strap that allows you to easily hold the cable in place.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Patented adjustable locking mechanism
  • Cut-resistant
  • Made of 5/16″ braided steel
  • Has a camo finish
  • Velcro strap for easy adjustment
  • Pick-resistant
  • Can be used for ATV tops and tree stands
  • Can also be used for bikes


  • May be difficult to unlock

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Now that we have discussed the features of the best trail camera box for you and some of the top candidates for your choice, you can rest assured that you have a more guided choice. However, if we must choose the top product for our list, it would be the Browning Trail Camera Security Box.

On the other hand, the best deal for our best trail camera lock is the Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Locks. For the price of basically one trail camera lock, you get two instead!

Do you have more friends looking for the best trail camera box for their trail camera? Share this article with them. If you have any concerns or questions, leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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