Trail Camera 101: How to Find Trail Cameras in The Woods?

Uncover your hidden trail cameras in the deep forest

A good trail camera should blend in with the environment in order not cause any spooking to the animals or be exposed to the eyes of thieves. However, even you sometimes do not remember where the camera is mounted earlier. After reading this post “How to find trail cameras in the woods?” you will no longer face such the case.

In short, there are 3 principles to keep an eye on your camera, even when it is within a deep forest.

Know Your Camera

The color of your trail camera

Most trail cameras today are camouflaged to make them less visible for both animals or people who might mess with your camera. Hence, it is likely that you already hung your tool in the tree that matches your camera’s color.

Ensure that you remember how your camera looks like and pay more attention to things having the same or similar color with it, for example, the trunk or the leaves.

Your trail camera matches with the tree
Your trail camera matches with the tree

Does your camera flash at night?

Trail cameras come with different flash types which will help to spot out your hidden camera more easily in low light situations, especially at night.

White flash

The camera will give off a bright shed of light when capturing pictures or recording videos so that the images are colorful. Though this type of flash is not recommended for night-vision purposes, it makes your life easier when it comes to finding trail cameras in the woods.

Go in the forest at gloaming or in the evening. Take a slow tour around the area that you think you have mounted the camera before. If your camera is still in power, it might shoot your photos. All you need is to find suspective bright light.

Red glow infrared (Low glow IR flash)

The IR flash is more popular today as it might not spook the animals away. Accordingly, the camera produces visible red light when capturing pictures or videos at night. Though the flash is typically faint, you might still detect it if you strongly focus and look directly at the camera.

Pictures by IR Trail Camera
Pictures by IR Trail Camera

Black glow infrared (No glow infrared)

Do not waste your time wandering in the dead of night in the woods as your camera is almost blackouts. Not to mention, this adventure is dangerous. That time, scroll down for more tips.

Are your trail camera quiet or noisy on running?

Cheap trail cameras can come along with some annoying sounds when taking pictures or videos. Some models are quieter than the others.

This disadvantage is not good for hunting since many sensitive animals can hear the sound and get away. However, that sound will help if you find trail cameras in the woods.

Identify Favorite Spots for Camera in Wildlife

Do not hang the trail camera randomly. Take the right strategy so that you can get better pictures or videos. Not to mention, you can find the camera more easily by applying your habits.

Here are several tips to mount your wildlife eye:

  • Choose a sturdy tree or branch with a front open space to hang on your camera
  • Keep it out of frequent traffic from human and nature, for example, 5’ above the normal view of deer
  • Ensure the surrounding is cool and dry without the direct sunlight (either South or North direction are recommended)
  • Choose a waterproof and dustproof camera to protect the vision of the game camera

Invest in A Trail Camera GPS Tracker

A small device to find trail cameras in the woods
How to find trail cameras in the woods

Better safe than sorry!
You should attach a GPS chip or tracker onto your trail camera to find it easily, especially in case of the thief. Some high-end cameras have this part included right out of the box, otherwise, you can buy one.

The GPS tracker for trail camera should be:

  • Small enough to be hidden on your trail camera
  • Well-connected with your mobile devices
  • Durable enough to cope with harsh conditions like rain, wind, or many else


For your information, besides the GPS, there are several tracking tools to uncover your trail cameras in the woods. However, those devices are most suitable for professional hunters.

Can You Find Trail Cameras in The Woods Now?

Ok, Be ready to seek for your hidden trail camera yet? First, recall your camera in mind. Second, get around your favorite mounting spots. Thirdly, if the camera is linked to your phone, you might find it one way or another, say using the GPS.

If you have any contribution to the post “How to find trail cameras in the woods?”, feel free to share with me in the comment box.

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