Bluetooth Trail Camera – It’s Time to Invest One!

Best Bluetooth Trail Camera

The more advanced technology is, the richer features of trail cameras become. In the past several years,  wireless and cellular trail cameras have introduced a new concept of hunting arsenals in which photos are sent to your email or SMS via wifi or mobile system. It means you do not have to intrude the hunting spots, taking out the memory card. However, the network is not available all the time due to bad weather or invalid cellular services. That time, a Bluetooth trail camera will help.

How does a Bluetooth Trail Camera work?

Bluetooth trail cameras have similar to traditional cameras. The most difference is, it transfers photos directly to your phone via Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth is preferred to move files between devices in short distance when speed is not a concern. The settings are effortless, which is like how you enable and use Bluetooth in your smartphone.


  • Bluetooth connects multiple devices wirelessly
  • It consumes less power, so your battery will not be eaten so fast
  • Compared to wifi, Bluetooth is better on security
  • Bluetooth is also easy to use


  • Bluetooth supports a shorter distance than wifi or cellular connectivity. The maximum range is about 100m and can be longer, depending on the nature of devices
  • The transfer speed is low, at about 25 Mbps

Browning Defender 850 – Best Bluetooth Trail Camera

Currently, there is not a number of choices when it comes to Bluetooth trail cameras. Here I want to reveal to you the best Bluetooth trail camera on the market – Browning Defender 850.

best bluetooth trail camera

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Browning is among to top brands of trail cameras. Its reputation makes sense, as Browning is always committed to innovative and high-quality cameras. They feature a wide range of functions different from other brands.

Defender 850 is one of my favorite Browning cameras. It is super fast at taking pictures and recording top-notch videos thanks to the high resolution. More excitingly, the camera can send photos via wifi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Feature list

  • Resolution: 20MP images and 1920P videos with sound
  • Trigger Speed: 0.4s
  • Detection Range: 80 ft. flash range
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries (included)
  • Memory: SD card
  • IR type: Red flow IR
  • Additional features: Browning Defender app


Browning Defender 850 takes fantastic pictures and videos, both in the day and nighttime thanks to high resolution, infrared flash range, and excellent trigger time. Exciting enough, the videos have a clear sound.

The camera is also durable with a water-resistant design. Not to mention, the cover is camouflage to conceal secretly in the wilderness or woods.

What I also like about Browning Defender 850 is the responsive mobile app which allows you to check and receive photos via Bluetooth or wifi connectivity on the fly.


The most significant limitation of Defender 850 is the low battery life. With too many exciting features like above, the battery goes flat so quickly.

Also, the transmission range of photos via wifi or Bluetooth is still limited.

How to Download and Use Browning Defender App?

To help you manage the photos and videos shot by Browning wireless cameras without disturbing the hunting spots too frequently, the manufacturer has built a responsive app that can be downloaded freely to your phone. Both Apple and Android operating systems are supported.

👉 Get Defender App Here 👉

The Defender App allows:

  • Run on Wifi connectivity at the maximum distance of 60 yards
  • Change camera settings remotely
  • View and download pictures and videos to the phone
  • Preview the field of view

You can check the installation and operation of the app in the following tutorial video, from A to Z.

Final Words

Traditional cameras are good; wireless cameras are good; Bluetooth trail cameras are also good. Which to choose is based on your purposes and your budget. Here I suggest you the best Bluetooth trail camera to save you more time and effort on the camera management. Hope it is helpful.

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