5 Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras Hardly Disappoint You

Cheap Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras

When it comes to game cameras, going for a well-known brand means you are less likely to waste money for poor-quality products. And, Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera is a reliable name I want to introduce today.

As its name, Wildgame Innovations has continuously updated the products with advanced technology to meet all hunters’ needs. Exciting enough, the price is varied and reasonable to your pocket.

Why Choose Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras?

Is Wildgame Innovations trai camera good?
Is Wildgame Innovations trai camera good?

Focused features

Many trail cameras make you awesome at the very first glance at their feature list. However, these features are sometimes unnecessary and gobble your battery. Not to mention, they add complexity to your camera settings.

Wildgame Innovations trail cameras, on the other hand, focus on the specialization rather than piling features over features.

Do not get me wrong!

I do not mean the Wildgame Innovations are poor in features. In contrast, many stealthy features are included such as the invisible black infrared nighttime flash or quiet photo taking shutters.

The point is all features are correctly fit for specific purposes.

Stealthy design and function

As a plus, Wildgame Innovations trail cameras have various camouflage shape and color matching with many types of tree bark. They; hence, blend in their surroundings.

Such stealthy design ensures the trail camera is safe from thieves as well as does not disturb the natural habitats.

Budget-friendly package

There are very few cameras that are both reasonably-priced and good-quality as Wildgame Innovations trail cameras. This brand also provides high-end trail cameras if you are willing to invest in unexceptional features.

Several models even come along with SD card, required AA batteries, and cords to mount to the tree. Hence, you save a lot of money on extras stuff.

Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras – Buying Guide

The tips for choosing Wildgame Innovations trail cameras are not different from those of other cameras. You need to pay attention to the following features:


As said above, Wildgame Innovations specialize their cameras for specific purposes. They do not invest in very high resolution like other brands. For example, if you seek for a great night vision cameras, you do not need high photo resolution to capture color photos like during daytime.

In brief, 8MP to 12MP is acceptable.

Trigger Speed

Faster triggering time means the cameras hardly miss any actions; however, the battery and memory card are eaten more quickly. The trigger speed of Wildgame Innovations trail cameras often between 0.5s and 1s.

So, choose based on your purpose. For example, when you plan to shoot deer or check home security, the trigger speed is somewhat less important.

Battery life and the memory card

Wildgame Innovations trail camera often minimize the features to the most necessary ones. Hence they eat the battery more slowly.

Those cameras often support 8 AA batteries so you can take thousands of pictures. If you want the camera to last longer, you should set all functions smartly.

About the memory card, you should use the recommended by the manufacturer.

Detection ranges

In general, trail cameras that cover the ranges of 60-65ft is acceptable for hunting or home security purposes.

Even budget Wildgame Innovations cameras can meet such the range. If you invest in some expensive model, the detection area can expand to 100ft.

5 Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras (Top-picked)

Cloak Infrared Trail Camera

wildgame innovations cloak pro 12 trail camera reviews

This Wildgame Innovation trail camera is an under-budget one with high-quality features such as black infrared flash, high photo resolution, and an adequate detection range of 65ft.

Feature list:

  • Resolution: 12MP 540P
  • Trigger Speed: less than 1s
  • Detection Range: 65ft
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries (included)
  • Memory: 32GB SDHC card (16GB SD card included)
  • Bungees (included)


I recommended it for the night-vision purposes since the dark infrared flash is undetectable by animals and even people. 12MP resolution means you will have a clear and vivid picture.

As a plus, this trail camera is affordable. Not to mention, the 8 AA batteries and 16GB card come along with the package so you can save more.

Bungees are also included for you to mount the camera to the tree easily.


The video resolution is 540P – to say, this is less attractive than many other trail cameras. However, the quality is enough for night-vision videos.

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Terra Lights out Trail Cameras

Terra Lights out Trail Game CamerasAll features are essential and work nicely if you want to have an eye at your back door or hunting plots. This Wildgame Innovations trail camera can take both daytime and nighttime shots clearly.

Feature list:

  • Resolution: 8MP
  • Trigger Speed: less than 1s
  • Detection Range: 60ft
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Memory: 32GB SDHC card (not included)
  • Bungees (included)


Just a few good cameras can beat  Wildgame Lights out trail cameras when it comes to price. So, we must be realistic about its features – not very impressive but above the average of the cheap trail camera under $50. With 21 high-intensity IR LEDs, the camera can detect actions within a 60ft range.

As other Wildgame Innovations, Terra Lightsout does not have unnecessary features. Hence, the settings are very user-friendly.


Unfortunately, it has not very advanced features. For example, you are not able to adjust the time lapse between the pictures so it might end up dozens of trash photos.

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Terra 5 Game Camera

Terra 5 Game Camera Wildgame Trail Camera

It is a cheap Wildgame Innovations trail camera. You should also not expect the “wow” features.

But why is it still in the list? – It is due to the reliable features.

Feature list:

  • Resolution: 5MP
  • Trigger Speed: less than 1s
  • Detection Range: 50ft
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries (not included)


No need of bells and whistles features, this trail camera supports a decent resolution for still photos and records up to 30s videos under 1-second trigger speed. More importantly, the quite capturing and 21pc high-intensity LED infrared flash won’t scare the animal away.

Besides the camera is well-built to cope with hazardous conditions thanks to its sturdy polymer plastic cover.


To tell the truth, the resolution is decent but not enough for many hunters now who want to get a closer and natural look at the animals. Under $100, you have many other fantastic choices.

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Mirage Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations Mirage Trail CameraThe Mirage Trail Camera is one of the richest-feature cameras by Wildgame Innovations. Additionally, the package is almost ready-to-use as both battery and SD card are included.

Feature list:

  • Resolution: 16MP 720P
  • Trigger Speed: less than 0.5s
  • Detection Range: 80ft
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries (included)
  • Memory: 32 GB SDHC card (8GB SanDisk SD card included)


The photo resolution is extremely high to capture crystal-clear images both day and night in less than a half of second. You can set to record up to 720P at different time ranges. There are even time stamp and moon phase on the photo. The detection range is as far as 80ft. thanks to the 36pc infrared LED flash.

Like Cloak Infrared Trail Camera, the battery and memory card come along the package so you can use the camera out of the box.


Some users report that the moving images are sometimes blurred.

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K7B5G Cloak Trail Camera

Wildgame K7B5G Cloak Trail Camera ReviewAlthough the features are basic, this Wildgame Innovations trail camera is easy to use and get the job.

Feature list:

  • Resolution: 7MP 480P
  • Trigger Speed: less than 1s
  • Detection Range: 45ft
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Memory: 32 GB SDHC card (not included)
  • Bunge cords are along


Since the feature is simple and fit, it does not gulp the battery. The 8 AA batteries can last up to 1 year on standby mode. The photos captured are evident during the daytime. The night vision is acceptable thanks to the 32 invisible IR LED flash. Date and time stamp and moon phase are on the photos so you can check and have hunting strategies later.

The water resistance is as a plus to enhance the image quality and the camera’s durability.


The detection range is as short as 45ft so you might miss many animals and other objects.

Final Share

All in all, Wildgame Innovations trail cameras are good in budget and reliable in quality. It is effortless to use, so even the beginners to game cameras can learn how to handle it in a short time.

However, if you want very advanced resolution and functions like 4K video, then you can go for other brands.

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