What Is The Fastest Trigger Speed Trail Camera?

Why trigger speed of trail camera matters

Whenever you search a buying guide for the trail camera, you always find the trigger speed mentioned as one essential criterion. And, in many cases, the fastest trigger speed trail camera overwhelms all other factors. It makes sense!

For those who might still wonder,

The trigger speed is the interval between the point the camera sensors detect the heat and motion to the time it snaps a photo.

Is The Lower Trigger Speed Always The Better?

I have to confirm again; the fast triggering time is helpful in many cases – not all the circumstances.

When you need the fastest trigger speed trail camera

If you want to keep an eye on fast-moving bucks like cheetahs, antelopes, or birds, then your camera should be sensitive enough to trigger a photo on quick motions. Otherwise, you will end up to half-an-animal or even blank images.

In that case, the shorter the triggering time – the better.

A fast trigger speed helps:

  • Make instant photos not to miss any specious moment of natural life
  • Leverage scouting and surveillance data for your next hunting strategy
  • Increase the accuracy and reduce the blur, hence, it improves the quality of images and videos

It is best to look for trail cameras having the triggering time less than 1 second. Some premium cameras even support the speed as fast as a fraction of a second. As far as I know, the fastest trigger speed trail camera is just 0.04 seconds.

When The Trigger Speed Is Less Important

The fast triggering time is good. However, if your camera is in a traffic area, it takes continuous images and videos. As a result, the batteries are devoured quickly.

Whether to choose a high trigger speed camera or not is based on the habits of your target objects. For example, deers often linger and hover around for quite some time. Hence, a slow trigger speed trail camera still completes the task.

Moreover, when you use wireless trail cameras to send pictures to your phone, you have to trade off the triggering speed. They need time to transmit the photos before shooting the next ones.

SPYPOINT Solar 12MP – The Fastest Trigger Speed Trail Camera

You can figure out the triggering time from the specifications of the trail camera. Here I introduced you to the fastest trigger speed trail camera on the market and test whether the speed is as advertised.

Here are some results.

Fastest Trigger Speed Trail Camera

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Triggering Time

Though the manufacturer confirms the trigger speed is as fast as 0.07s, the actual test shows even better result.

I tried the camera within its advertised detection range at around 100 ft. And know what?

It takes pictures only within 0.04s with the recovery time of 0.05s. When it comes to capturing videos, it takes a bit longer – around 0.09s.

Overall, the triggering time is what you can’t beat about this trail camera.

Image Quality

skypoint solar trail camera

The images and videos are full and crisp, thanks to the high resolution.

  • Photos: 12MP
  • Videos: 720p with audio
  • Flash type: red glow IR flash
  • Night modes: IR Boost, Blur Reduction, and Optimal

To tell the truth, night photos are not excellent. This Spypoint Solar trail camera supports three modes to tweak the quality: IR Boost, Blur Reduction, and Optimal modes. The first one puts the flash at maximum strength. However, there is a higher frequency of blurred pictures. The second one reduces the blurry by shortening the flash range. The final mode is set right in the middle of the two earlier modes.

Integrated Solar Panel

Besides the trigger speed, I also like the built-in solar panel.

The camera has a room for 6 AA lithium batteries. They can take 35-day pictures and 35-night pictures. If you turn on the video mode, the camera captures 15-day videos and other 15-night videos of 10 seconds.

Most importantly, there is a wedge-shaped housing sitting on the top of the trail camera, along with a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery pack inside. Even better, it does not need the direct sunlight to charge the batteries so the camera can last from spring to winter.

You will never need to waste money and time on exchanging the lithium batteries!

Camouflage Design

Skypoint solar 12MP Fastest trogger speed trail camera

The Spypoint Solar has a camouflage color which can be blend perfectly in any environment. It is also small to conceal better in place. However, the LCD screens are too small that is hard to navigation.

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Final Thought

Do not expect the fastest trigger speed trail camera to be cheap because it needs to invest in an innovative IR sensor system. However, it is worth it if you do not want to capture every valuable moment of wide life.

Besides the triggering time itself, you need also pay attention to habits of target bucks and where to place your trail camera to improve the image quality.

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