Advantages and Disadvantages of Trail cameras

Any hunting or wildlife related forum, videos, shows or platform will have some relation to the trail cameras. Trail cameras have been so widely accepted and adopted that without them, there could not be any activity carried out. Although, where trail cameras are prevalent for its advanced benefits, there are also a few downsides to it. So let us evaluate both the perspectives of the trail cameras in order to understand the device thoroughly and its utility to be able to exploit the cameras to best of its capability.


  • Prolonged seasons – hunting seasons will start and end at their designated scheduled times, and so has to be the hunting process. Due to these trail cameras and their long continuous battery lives, you can enjoy the hunting experience in the off seasons too. Suppose you take off during winters as it is not feasible for you to hunt then, but you could find your favorite wildlife at those times of the year. Well, the opportunity cannot be missed, if you fix your trail cameras in this season and watch your favorite wildlife through these cameras. They give you a feel of being close to reality that you feel you are actually hunting.
  • Simplified exploring – imagine owning a farm house somewhere close to natural forests with scenic beauty and wildlife all around. Can there be any place better that can excite a hunter. For a normal person, going to farm houses could be a vacation, but for hunter it is their passion. The problem is that hunting and scouting takes a considerable amount of time, which is way too long as compared to holidays or vacation. Also, farm houses are really far from your own houses, so visiting them regularly is also a problem.

In such cases, placing trail cameras on your farm houses could help you maintain contact with the area and its life 24 by 7 allowing you to enjoy every single moment without having visited the farm house.

  • Penetration – professional hunters and wildlife experts aim at gathering maximum information about this natural life. The depth of such information is researched when, they get access to old aged animals, their life patterns etc. This can be done only through trail cameras as these old aged animals come may be once in a year or two. This is particularly a long phase of time, which cannot be afforded to be missed out.
  • Live telecast – trail cameras provide access to live telecast of animal habitats and their lifestyles for broadcasting them on television shows, which in today’s time are a big business opportunity.


  • Narrow scope – though these trail cameras are able to deal with your long term recording and capturing of wildlife, you need to constantly understand, that they are covering a fixed area only. They are not able to provide you a complete view of all angles of the wildlife, which is possible only if you are physically present there or you have multiple cameras placed there covering all the angles.
  • Costly – when it comes to covering all the angles of the forest, buying multiple cameras are the only solution, which could turn out to be highly expensive. Also, it is prevalently known, that the level at which these cameras are placed at is as high as the level at which these cameras are stolen from the aloof areas. The theft of trail cameras is the biggest and costliest hurdle in terms of covering wildlife photographs and videos.
  • Temptation – once you have set in your trail cameras at desired location, in spite of the fact that you could view the live recording, there is a temptation of checking the camera every few days. This temptation leads to spending unnecessary amount of energy and money.


Trail cameras have very strong benefits. Even though they have a few downsides, they are more of risks which to some extent could be fighter against. Trail cameras have laid significant difference in the types of information gathered and the techniques of hunting or penetrating wildlife. With such great advancements, few downsides could surely be neglected as far as adopting the use of these trail cameras on regular basis is concerned.

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