Browning Dark Ops

Trail cameras have been seen to be adopted increasingly by huge number of people. Hunting is no more a hobby; rather people have made it as their profession and are taking it more seriously than ever. Due to this, there is a surge in people investing in advanced equipment in this area, out of which trail cameras are the most important equipment. Let us review this Browning Dark Ops, to understand how it is helping the professional hunters.

Product Description

Browning Dark OpsBrowning Dark Ops is a perfect hidden camera for all your covert capturing of images. It is equipped with invisible infrared flashes so that trespassers are unable to detect them. These flashes could range up to 70 foot, which is long enough even in darker time.

It is an extremely small and compact size camera with excellent quality of images through its 10 Mega Pixel lens. Also, the videos captured are of HD quality along with sound recording. The HD videos recorded could vary from 5 seconds up to a maximum of 2 minutes.

Browning Dark Ops is capable of recording the time lapse too i.e. from dawn to rise and vice versa through its Browning Buck Watch time-lapse viewer software.

On top of all these features, the battery life is prolonged as it operates on 8AA batteries, though you will have to buy them separately as the batteries are not included as part of the camera package generally.

All in all, with a super-fast trigger speed of 0.67 seconds, it is an excellent performing and affordable trail camera to begin with.

Features Browning Dark Ops

 Here are a few recognizable features that render this camera as one of the high performing trail cameras in the market:

  • Long coverage – it is capable of clicking through longer distances with similar quality in day and night due to its 70 foot long flash range.
  • No interference – since the flash lights are constituted of invisible infrared flash rays, no trespassers or gamers could ever detect that the camera is placed, and hence would pose zero interference in your work while the trail camera is working.
  • Exceedingly superior video quality – the videos recorded are all HD videos which upgrades the quality of videos captured and are capable of recording video from minimum 5 seconds up to a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • Excellent summary – due to the presence of time lapse viewer software, it is very easy to view the entire day’s still recording in just a few minutes and helps manage the wildlife and related information on your device in a very easy way.
  • Long battery life – due to its power source of 8AA batteries, the life of this trail camera is enhanced to a large extent.
  • Instant click – due to the trigger speed of just 0.67 seconds, this trail camera would not let you miss anything important as it acts instantaneously without you even realizing it.

Product Specifications

  • 8AA batteries
  • 10 Mega Pixel camera
  • .67 trigger speed
  • HD videos – with range of 5 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Pre-installed time lapse viewer software
  • 70 foot invisible infrared flash range

ProsBrowning Trail Camera - Dark Ops

  • Daytime pictures – the 10 MP lens of this camera gives excellent pictures in the daytime with crystal clarity.
  • Consistency battery life – battery life is enhanced and consistent even on video mode.
  • Trigger speed – due to fast trigger speed, it is capable of clicking multiple pictures per click which prevents the possibility of missing any instant while clicking picture
  • Safe from intruders– since the flash is invisible, even in night times; clicking photographers would not let anyone realize the presence of the camera.
  • Essential display – the digital display helps notify about the battery life and the memory that helps execute tasks in a planned way.
  • Size – due to its small and compact size, you can place the camera anywhere hidden from others.


There might not be huge drawbacks of this camera, but as per the users there could be few areas of improvements. Like, the 10 MP picture qualities are not exhibited in the night pictures as it is in the day time pictures. Also, since the SD card slot is really tiny, people with big fingers feel difficult to deal with it.

These are small things, but impact the usage in a great way and hence are looked upon by Browning’s as possible improvement scope.

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