Covert 3G 60-LED Code Black Special Ops

There have been new innovations in the field of trail cameras over the years. New models have been introduced with new designs and features. There are some cameras available which offers high mega pixels and video recording at the same time, some comes with excellent trigger speed. One such camera available in the market is Covert 3G 60-LED Code Black Special Ops Wireless Game Camera. The following section will present an overview on this trail camera.

Product Description

This particular trail camera has brought a revolution in the industry of trail cameras. It uses a SIM card, which is activated and which you will be able to access from your mobile phones to access the photos stored in the camera. Besides, you can also send the photos to your email address. With the help of this technology, you will be able to watch and have access to the images stored in your camera without having physical access to it and without pulling the SD card out of the camera.

The Covert 3G 60-LED Code Black Special Ops Wireless Game Camera comes with 60 flash LEDs which are invisible. These flash LEDs have a range of more than 60 feet. This camera is not only useful for hunting; it can be equally effective when it comes to using it for security reasons. This camera has a resolution which ranges from 3 to 8 mega pixels and the wireless mms facility adds more to its utility.


Here are some of the features of this product

  • 8 Mega Pixel: This is a 8 mega pixel camera which gives you very clear and high resolution images
  • LED: The LEDs play a very important role during the night. They have a range up to 60 feet which is much higher compared to other trail cameras available in the market
  • Memory: The Covert 3G 60-LED Code Black Special Ops Wireless Game Camera is compatible with 32 GB SD Card, which allows it to store thousands of images
  • Wireless MMS: The wireless MMS feature of this camera makes it unique and adds more to its features. With this feature, you will be able to transfer the images stored in the camera to your mobile phone via MMS and will be able to forward them to you email inbox


Some of the pros of this product include the followings:

  • High Resolution (3,5,8, Mp Resolution)
  • Compatible with 32 GB memory
  • Wireless Capability


As per the reviews and feedbacks received from the users, there aren’t many drawbacks which can be associated with this trail camera, except for the fact that it the LEDs doesn’t always cover the range as it promises to.

This camera comes with a color viewer which is 2 inches, the Time Lapse Mode and the timer switch option makes it a very handy camera to have. This camera is compatible to have 32 GB SD Cards and comes with 3 different levels of sensitivities. It operates on a 12 AAA Battery and is capable of taking more than 3000 pictures with date, time and temperature stamp along with the moon phase.

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