Moultrie M990i Gen2 Reviews

Moultrie M990i Gen2 Trail Camera is one of the best trail cameras for its price. It is the first trail camera from Moultrie that has the ability to both take pictures and record videos. It still has the no-glow IR LED sensors and captures 10 megapixel pictures with an effective range of 50-80 ft. It has SD card support and comes standard with menu buttons for faster navigation. It is powered by 8 AA batteries and also comes with a power adapter.

Moultrie M990i Gen2
Moultrie M990i Gen2

Quick Facts

  • Trigger Speed: photo – 0.69 second, video 1.4 second
  • Recovery time: photo – 4.6 seconds, video 8.2 seconds
  • Playback: 2-inch view screen
  • Detection Range: 70 feet
  • Flash Range: 80 feet (No glow Infrared)
  • Batteries: 8 AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 5.75 x 4.75 x 3.25 inches
  • Rating: 4.6/5


Detection Circuit

The detection range is between 50-80 feet but testing shows that it can capture pictures at somewhere around 80 feet during daytime.
The photo trigger speed for the M990i is above average at 0.69 seconds and the recovery time is about the same time as most trail cameras in the market.
The video trigger speed is at 1.4 seconds with a recovery time of 8.2 seconds.

Rating: 4.5/5


Picture Quality 

The picture quality for the Gen 2 is a departure from previous models with brighter and clearer photos.  Daytime photos are full of color while night photos are a bit blurry but this does not affect the fact that this M990i’s picture quality is above average.

tips for hunting with trail cameras

The camera has the option to being set to Photo only, Video only or both. For the photo and video option, the first frame is captured as a still before it rolls out into a 5-90 second video. Night videos are limited to 30 seconds but daytime photos offer superior color and quality. Time Lapse mode is also available.

Still Image Resolutions (4-settings):

  • Low: 0.9 MP,
  • Medium: 2.0 MP,
  • High: 4.0 MP,
  • Enhanced: 10.0 MP

Video Resolutions (2-settings):

  • VGA (640)
  • HD (720)

Rating:  4/5

Battery and power options

The unit is powered by 8 AA batteries and can last up to 16000 pictures in Photo only mode. The power consumption is much greater if in Video only or Video/Photo modes of course. Daytime and night consumption also varies as the IR sensors use up more juice at night. The package also comes with an AC adapter.

Rating: 5/5

Type and Features

 The M990i separates the camera assembly from the display/menu panel allowing for better protection against the elements. The LED IR sensors does not glow at night, this allows unsuspecting game to come up close and personal with the unit. The camo paint allows the unit to blend in with the tree and the straps are strong and long enough to wrap around a good sized tree for mounting. The M990i also comes with a password protect feature and a much better python lock that does not break easily as compared with older units.

It is compatible with SD cards up to 32GB but the SD slot is a little narrow making it difficult to change cards while the unit is mounted. The memory management system of the M990i has a setting that allows it to automatically overwrite the oldest files when the SD card becomes full.

Rating: 4.5/5

 Ease of use

The M990i comes with a 2-inch playback display and menu buttons allowing for a smoother navigation of the settings.

The menu is simple and the navigation is much better compared to other models.  The LCD display allows you to view pictures and videos, change the settings, delete pictures, and check battery strength, among others.

Rating: 5/5


The Moultrie M990i Gen2 Trail Camera is the top model for the 2015 line and for its price bracket; it delivers top-notch pictures and video making it definitely worth investing in.

 Rating: 5/5


At less the $200, the Moultrie M990i Gen2 Trail Camera is definitely worth the price with clearer pictures and sharper night photos.  Moultrie has focused on improving its camera’s performance and the M990i is the proof of that. Other than the SD slot problem, this model provides excellent performance and is a definite must buy.

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