Stealth Cam g42ng Trail Camera No-Glow

Stealth Cam g42ng
Stealth Cam g42ng

Trail camera comes as one handy equipment for hunters these days.Among the various trail camera in the market today, the Stealth Cam g42ng Trail Camera No-Glo is one model you would want to have. This camera comes in a very attractive and appealing texture which acts a camouflage. With the help of this camera, you can capture the nature in the undisturbed and purest form. This camera can shoot images and videos as well. The videos captured by this camera are of high definition and can range up to 2 minutes in one shoot. It captures photos at a lightning fast speed and has an excellent trigger time. All these features are available to you at a fairly reasonable price.

Product Description

This camera is not just about excellent trigger speed and long lasting battery life, the Stealth Cam g42ng comes with lots of other features like high definition picture quality, time code stamping, it comes with a tool which allows you to edit the footages along with it, this camera comes with a time lapse feature along with the PIR Override Mode. This incredible camera is offering you virtually three different units in one single package. The PIR Override feature would ensure that an image is captured when an animal is walking by the camera even if the device is in time lapse mode. This camera doesn’t allow a single creature to pass by without being noticed.

Features of Stealth Cam g42ng

Here are some of the features of this product

  • Resolution: This is a high resolution camera with 10 megapixels, which offers excellent quality images
  • Video Recording: You will be able to record HD quality video along with sound for 180 seconds
  • Reflex Trigger: The time for the reflex trigger is five seconds
  • Blur Reduction: This camera is equipped with the blur reduction mechanism, which offers you clear and undistorted images
  • Easy to Setup: When it comes to setting up this camera, it is very simple and you can get it ready within a matter of few minutes
  • Burst Mode: In the burst mode, this camera is capable of capturing up to 9 images per trigger
  • Memory: It is compatible with 32 GB SD card.
  • USB: The USB ports make it easier for you to download the images to your laptop and other devices
  • Video Output: It has a video output jack which allows you to connect with a TV or any other display device


The pros of this product include

  • High Resolution
  • Video Recording up to 3 minutes
  • Blur Reduction Mechanism
  • Captures 9 images in the burst mode
  • Is compatible with 32 GB Memory


 When it comes to the drawbacks, there aren’t much except for the fact that the blur reduction doesn’t always work the way it is supposed to The Matrix and Retina technology, which has been integrated in this camera works together to light up the area where the subject gets spotted. It is capable of capturing clear, high quality images from a distance of 100 feet. It also has a Multi Zone Detection feature which enables it to catch the subjects which comes within its perimeters.

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