Stealth Cam P36 Black Flash Trail Camera

The Stealth Cam P36 Black Flash Trail Camera is an under $100 camera that boasts of its Black Flash Invisible LED technology that captures high-quality images and high definition videos. This technology allows the P36 to take pictures even with the lowest ambient lighting and it’s “no light” flash does not scare off game allowing you to track the big bucks and game herds more efficiently.

The Stealth Cam P36
The Stealth Cam P36

The Stealth Cam P36 comes packed with the following features:

  • Color: The Stealth P36 comes in camouflage colors that allow it to blend in with foliage and you can garnish it with twigs and dried leaves to hide it better with the surroundings.
  • Modes: The P36 can take high resolution photos, high definition videos and it also has a burst mode that can capture up to 6 images in one go.
  • User Interface: The unit comes with an external LCD monitor that allows you to navigate the EZ Dial programming better and faster.
  • Storage: The trail camera is capable of supporting external SD cards up to 32GB.
  • Portability: The Stealth P36 comes with a mini-USB port for faster file transfers out in the field.
  • Mounting: The package comes with a Python lock and it can be mounted using the strap that comes with the package or you can use an old belt or ropes of similar sizes.
  • Security: The P36 has a secure lock password protection feature that will help to protect the unit from theft and sabotage.

Detection and Trigger Speed

The Stealth Cam P36 Black Flash Trail Camera has 36 black IR emitters that have an effective range of 60ft.  The black light technology allows the P36 to capture color images by day and black and white photos at night without compromising the quality through the use of Autofocus. The unit’s trigger speed is one second and has a programmable recovery period of 5-59 seconds or 1-59 minutes recovery time out.

Picture QualityStealth Cam P36

The Stealth P36 takes images using an 8 megapixel motion activated camera equipped with a black flash that does not spook game away. This trail camera can take 5MP or 8MP pictures and is capable of capturing up to 15 seconds of VGA video per trigger instance.

Video recordings come with audio and it is also equipped with a burst mode that can capture 1-6 images per trigger. The unit can also be programmed to have the time, date and moon phase stamped in every image or video, which ensures that you can track game movement with accuracy.

Power Options

The Stealth Cam P36 runs on 8 AA lithium or alkaline batteries and it also comes with an external power jack that allows you to set it up with a small solar panel and have it run without needing to replace the batteries that often.

Ease of Use

The EZ Dial programming user interface with LCD Display makes set-ups and adjustments a walk in the park while the LCD display means faster maintenance and also allows you to quickly check for animal movement while on the hunt. The mini-USB is built for quick file transfers and users find that the Stealth Cam P36 is easy to use and not as complicated as compared to other models in the same price category.


The Stealth Cam P36 Black Flash Trail Camera is currently priced below $100 and it is one of the more affordable models in the market.


User reviews mention that the Stealth Cam P36 Black Flash Trail Camera captures high quality pictures regardless if its day or night. The videos are of great quality as well although some users find that 15 seconds may be a little short to get any useful information but the delay features can solve this issue by setting it a faster recovery speed.

This trail camera also has a standard after sales support and has service centers in select locations that make getting support easier. Online purchases are also ensured of a three-year warranty, which is two years longer than the standard options for other models.

Overall Rating

The Stealth Cam P36 Black Flash Trail Camera has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on user reviews with users applauding it for its user-friendly interface and high quality output.

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