720P 8MP IP66 Waterproof

The 720P 8MP IP66 Waterproof game camera is an affordable option if you’re looking to fit out several cameras around your property. It has a low-glow infrared flash that has a range of 50-feet and can take both pictures and videos. Additional features include time-stamps on pictures, moon phase, sleep mode and trigger speed of less than one second.

Standard Features

720P 8MP IP66 Waterproof
720P 8MP IP66 Waterproof

This hunting camera comes with the following standard features:

  • Weather Resistant – like most trail cameras, this unit is weather resistant but additional protection can be employed to bolster its weather protection.
  • Moon Phase – this is crucial if targeting a specific game whose movements are relative to the phases of the moon.
  • Low Glow IR Flash – the Low Glow IR flash does not scare of wildlife when it goes off at night, it is also strong enough to give you quality night photos and videos.
  • Sleep Mode – you can set when the camera sleeps and the IR sensors automatically “wakes” it when game comes into range.
  • Date Stamp – date stamps are crucial in tracking the movement of specific game.
  • Battery Low Indicator
  • 4-digit LCD Image Counter
  • Slot for SD Memory card up to 32 GB
  • One Year Warranty – not all cameras carry a manufacturer’s warranty and knowing you have one makes things easier on the mind.

Detection and Trigger Speed

The IP66 has a 50-ft effective range for its IR Flash and has a trigger speed that ranges from 0.8 -1.2 seconds. Initial testing showed that it can capture night and day images even if the subject is a little farther than the published range.

The IR Detection angle is 50 degrees, which means it starts shooting as soon as the subject enters between the 10 and 2-o’clock positions.

Picture Quality

Photos taken by the IP66 can go as high as 8 MP and as low as 5 MP with auto white balance and expose. The unit also has autofocus between 5-ft to infinity using multi-layered glass lens.

Videos can be either VGA at 640×480 for low quality or 720P for high. The camera also has a setting for you to select the amount of time for the camera to sleep between PIR triggers. Sleep times can go from 1, 5, 10 and 20 minutes.  The same goes for pictures where you can choose the number of shots taken before the camera goes to sleep mode.

Power Options

The 720P 8MP IP66 Waterproof game camera runs on 4, 8 or 12 AA batteries but as with all cameras, the lesser the batteries, the more frequent you would need to change them. It also has a built-in 40 mA battery and has a provision to be connected to an external 12V power source.

The camera assembly is also designed to consume less power than most models out there; it can last for a year on standby if 12 AA batteries are used. The resettable sleep mode helps extend the battery life as well.

Ease of Use

The camera unit is easy to set-up and position and its matte finish means that it can blend with any environment without betraying its location through a light reflection. The LCD indicators also alerts users if the memory is almost full or if the battery is almost empty. The SD Card slot also makes image transfer easy to do and the USB port makes file transfers on site possible.


The 720P 8MP IP66 Waterproof Low Glow Night Vision Infrared Fast Trigger Digital Trail Camera is one of the best models for its price range and with the features it comes with, users are assured that they are getting the best bang for the buck hunting camera.


Reviews mention that it takes great pictures and it is excellent at catching the smallest movement. Others like that it is easy to use and works fine for its price. Features like date-stamps and moon phases provide sufficient intelligence that you can use in your planning for the next hunting season.

Overall Rating

Overall, the 720P 8MP IP66 Waterproof game camera is reasonably priced and packs a lot of nifty features in such a small package. Notably, reviews for this model gave it an average rating of 5/5 stars.

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