Covert MP8 Trail Camera

The Covert MP8 Trail Camera, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country marks Covert’s attempt to change their usual trail camera lineup with a top of the line protective case that holds within an abundance of great features that can definitely help make hunting easier and more efficient.covert trail cameras

Standard Features

Covert MP8 Trail Camera
Covert MP8 Trail Camera

The Covert MP8 Trail Camera comes with the following features:

  • Color: The Covert MP8 has the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country color with patterns that easily blends it in once mounted. On the downside, it’s jazzy camouflage makes it stand out when installed inside.
  • User Interface: The MP8 has a full color viewer to let you check photos onsite. The menu is standard among Covert models.
  • Storage: This trail camera is also capable of supporting external SD cards up to 16GB.
  • Modes: The Covert MP8 has a start and stop mode that allows you to save on the battery life by syncing the modes with the activities in the area; starting before the peak hour and stopping as it wanes down.
  • Dimensions: The MP8 has a dimension of 5 x 3.8 x 3.
  • Weight: Weighing less than a pound, the MP8 can be mounted just about anywhere as long as it is secured.

Detection and Trigger Speed

The Covert MP8 Trail Camera has 28 Infrared LEDs that has an effective range of 40 ft. The camera’s trigger speed comes standard at 1 second per instance. With only 28 IR LEDs, the range is definitely below trail camera standards but it makes up for it in picture and video quality. The LEDs are strategically arranged to provide the best photos possible.

Picture Quality

The Covert MP8 Trail Camera, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country takes pictures at 8MP resolution but the quality will make you double check if you were sent a 10MP instead. Photos are clear and vibrant and the video is at par with the photos when it comes to quality. Videos are recorded in HD format with sound and can be programmed to record in 15 second intervals.

Night mode photos and videos are also clear with almost no visible grain. The resolution can be set to 3, 5 and 8 MP; the MP8 also has a time lapse mode and adjustable sensitivity levels.

The Covert MP8 Trail Camera places a time and date stamp on all images and it also has the option to add the moon phase along with other information that hunters would need like the temperature when the image was captured and its current battery life.

Power Options

The Covert MP8 Trail Camera, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country operates using 8 AA batteries and the unit also has a battery life meter display and imprints on the images together with the date and time stamp. Testing has shown that batteries last between 8-12 months. Like most trail cameras, Alkaline and Lithium batteries are highly recommended for better performance as generic batteries would only last for a few weeks.

Ease of Use

The Covert MP8 Trail Camera, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country has a very straightforward and easy to use menu and its light weight allows it to mount easily. It is also compatible with the python lock and it’s smaller dimension makes it easy to set-up.

Its protective casing is hard and durable as compared with other brands and models that have almost the same design. It may not be naturally weatherproof but it can survive the outdoors better than others.


The Covert MP8 Trail Camera, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country has a steady price from $100 to $150 and it comes with a standard one year warranty. It has been out in the market for a long while and there are still plenty of stocks available.


The Covert MP8 Trail Camera, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country is a great camera with its high quality output. It doesn’t hold much when it comes to features that cameras with the same price have but it more than makes up for it in clarity and balance.

Overall Rating

The Covert MP8 Trail Camera, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Almost all of its present users love that it’s a reliable camera that offers both durability and quality performance. Others love it’s battery saving efficiency and easy to program user interface.

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